Slim Smith

Dance Crazy

Dance Crazy Collage zine 1979, printed and distributed by Better Badges

God Crazy

God Crazy Collage zine 1981 (with Chris Furby), printed and distributed by Better Badges. "Nuns in fanzine fury"


Ernie's Born-again Snack Bar. Published in Knockabout Comics 1981

Doc Soap

Doc Soap Operating Theatre. Published in Inkling magazine 1991

7000 Mysteries

7000 Mysteries Detective Magazine. Collage zine 1983
(with Chris Furby)

Captain Destiny

Captain Destiny. Published in Heretic Visions 1981


Bugboy. Published in Knockabout Comics 1984

Practical Zombie

Practical Zombie postcard.

Fifty Foot Christ

Fifty Foot Christ postcard.

De Media

Exhibition of collage work at De Media, Eeklo, The Netherlands 1992.

Babs Rhumba

Bab's Rhumba 1991

Lucky Punk

Lucky Punk 2016

2045 2045

2045 Carnival Folklore is a fast, funny, dystopian “b-movie” – graphic novel adaptation by Slim Smith 2017
Film by Naoki Kato. Original Story by Keisuke Masuda.

More info about 2045 Carnival Folklore

The Renaissance of Mathew Street 2018


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